Sentry LTP: Scopecoat, Binobibs, and the Barrel Boot

 I feel like a kid in a candy store at the SHOT Show, which is held in January each year in Las Vegas. I usually can only attend for the last two days of the show, which lasts the whole week, but much more than that would be sensory overload! I get more excited than most folks in the firearms industry and that is alright by my standards. I get fired up by products that stand up to the test of time, have variety in application, solid fit and function, and that serve a practical purpose, among other things.  This is why I am such a huge fan of Scopecoat products!

One of my favorite companies to visit is Devtron, the manufacturer of Scopecoat, Binobib, the Barrel Boot and other protective products, mainly for optics and firearms. The owners and employees of Scopecoat are some of the finest people I have met in the outdoor products industry. I have worked with many outdoor industry companies from large corporations to small start-up businesses and there is not one I have found quite like Scopecoat. They are caring and attentive on the phone and in person, they fulfill orders very quickly, and the customer service and overall product satisfaction is second to none in the industry. 

Most of us spend a small fortune for our optics but  many times do not give a second though to protecting them from the elements. Why not? What Scopecoat has created in their products is quality and superior protection that is easy to apply or remove effortlessly.  Using Binobibs on my binoculars is the only way I will carry them  anymore. I can keep them protected from the dust and debris of the elements when I am hunting, they look awesome and come in several colors now to match your style. You can go from full protective mode to full use of your optics in a matter of seconds. Gone is the need for protective caps that get lost and see-through or flip-up  lens covers that get in the way. Just peel off the front and back portion of the  stretchable Binobib cover from your binos and you are in business! The Binobib stays on  your binos with an elastic band in the middle so they can easily go back into the protective covering just as quickly and will not get in the way of the full use of your binoculars. The unique part about this product is that it works well whether you choose to wear your binoculars or carry them in your day pack. Also, this product offers production for the full optic, not just the lenses!   This is far different from just about every other type of protective product out there on the market today for optics. Like all of this company’s products, Binobibs come in all types of sizes for just about any optic on the market today, new or old. I was so excited to see not only  regular black, brown, or even multi-pattern colors of Binobibs but also new bright colors!

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When I first received my shipment of Scopecoats, I had no idea how much I would like them. Not only do they match my rifles and other firearms well in the different color selections that are avaialble, they are so easy to gently pull on an off the scope, it is effortless to use them. Again, like Binobibs, the Scopecoat covers the entire scope, offering full protection from exposure to the outdoor elements and more and I threw out all of my old lens caps and covers now that I use these products. There are no parts to keep up with, just a one-piece fitted cover that slips on and off in seconds. These also come in all kinds of colors and sizes. If you have a red dot, holographic site (like our favorite EoTech optics), pistol or rifle scope, or even a Spotting scope, they most likely have a Scopecoat that will fit it! If you are unsure, just call and ask. As I mentioned, I have never felt more “at home” and like family every time I call, e-mail, or visit this company.
The Barrel Boot
For muzzle and barrel protection, which is one thing that we do not often consider as hunters, the Barrel Boot is a phenomenal product. I cringe when I see many of the folks I hunt with put their rifle in our hunting vehicle on the way to or from the field without giving any consideration to damaging the crown or scratching the barrel of their expensive firearm. Remember, the muzzle, especially the crown, is the last thing the bullet is in contact with as it leaves the rifle to the target. Keep this in mind next time your transport your rifle and consider protecting the muzzle end of your gun. Not only does the Barrel Boot serve a great purpose in transporting your firearms to and from the field out of the gun case, it also serves to keep water, dirt, and other debris out of the end of your barrel when the weather is bad. There are few things worse than getting water, mud, or other outside elements in the muzzle of your gun after you spent all that time cleaning and oiling it before your trip.

We only represent the best in quality, value, service, and support and we are proud to call Scopecoat one of our favorite sponsors. Not only are these products made of the highest quality materials, they are also all manufactured in the USA! Check out their website ( and the video I also did featuring Scopecoat products. I highly recommend all of the products produced by Scopecoat. I use these on all of my optics and firearms and never go anywhere without them!

Dustin Vaughn Warncke