QMaxx Products Review

I get fired up when I find a new company or product I like as well as something that serves an important purpose in my life. I was introduced to Qmaxx Products a couple of years ago and was sent a can of the Q20 BLU for some gun segments I was filming on video for the TV Show. At first, Q20 BLU reminded me of other gun oils and penetrating oil products I had used in the past but there was something different about Q20 BLU and the other QMaxx Products. I started using my can of Q20 on just about anything that would stand still, as my wife would tell you. I loved it as it made my life easier. I started using the product on seized or frozen equipment, lubricating squeaky door hinges, protecting all my guns, knives and other outdoor gear, you name it! Before long, Q20 became a household favorite of mine and all of my friends and family knew it every time we talked about home improvement, outdoor equipment, or just about anything else for that matter. I wanted to buy a can for everyone I knew. From keeping rust off of metal to penetrating and lubricating door hinges and other moving parts around my house and beyond, Q20 goes with me everywhere I go! 

One of the best examples of the power of these products is a personal issue I had at my house with our large sliding garage doors. Our house was built before electric garage doors were common so we manually open and close the two garage doors as needed on a daily basis. After years of opening and closing, both garage doors sounded like a group of skeletons in a tap dancing class on a tin roof every time I opened or closed one of the garage door. One of the locking mechanisms even frozen into place from time to time, meaning I had to reopen the garage door, knock the locking bolt back into place, and try it again. It was so bad that I was convinced that I could only open or close my garage doors during daylight hours so as not to wake the neighbors all the way down the street during the night. I started lightly injecting Q20 into every moving part of the garage doors and locking mechanisms. This was a tedious process but I knew it would be worth it. After working the moving parts a few times, you couldn’t wake a baby with opening and closing the garage doors. It was near silent. Not only that, the wear on the moving parts was lessened considerably, meaning I can go longer without having any major maintenance on them due to proper lubrication. I also marvel at the longevity of this lubricant, now several months later, as the doors still sound the same as they did when I first applied the Q20 Blu. I know the word “Miracle Oil” is over used and it seems that every company out there manufacturing oil products to want to claim theirs is the best but I have yet to find a product better than Q20 for penetrating, lubricating and preserving just about any surface you can put a lubricant on indoors or outdoors. Aside from QMaxx Products being phenomenally revolutionary in the industry, they are also safe for the environment, non-flammable, and silicone free. To go a step even further in the performance arena, Q20 products have been proven to last 400% longer in rust protection than the world’s leading rust inhibitors.

QMaxx manufactures several different types of lubricants for different purposes and application. Let’s get down to some specifics on the different types of Q20 products available:

Q20 BLU is specially engineered to protect firearms from exposure to fresh or salt water. What is unique about this product compared to all other gun oils on the market today is that Q20 is great for guns and other outdoor equipment used in the most extreme weather conditions. Q20 BLU uses an innovative corrosion-inhibiting formula which lubricates and protects moving parts and exposed metal as well as blued metal surfaces. This is a perfect all around gun lubricant and everything you will ever need from any gun oil. 

Q20 Black Diamond 4 in 1 Black Gun Oil is a state of the art cleaner, lubricant, and preservative developed specifically for “black guns”. Its dry-to-touch advanced cleaning formula removes powder and carbon buildup while leaving a protective coating and will prevent destructive rust and corrosion on the metal surfaces of guns and other equipment.

Q20 PENETRATING is designed to lubricate locks, bolts, and thousands of other mechanisms. This formula cuts through the toughest rust, dirt, and corrosion to clean, protect and lubricate. 

Q20 FRESH is formulated to work around freshwater settings, such as on equipment used around lakes and rivers. This is a great product to use on marine equipment, fishing tackle, outdoor gear, and more. This formulation works as a water-displacement barrier to fight humidity and other weather elements which can damage equipment through rust and corrosion. 

Q20 SALT is formulated for saltwater settings and helps clean and protect equipment from salt build-up and the corrosive damage of saltwater. This product is perfect for protecting marine equipment, fishing tackle, and any kind of other outdoor gear exposed to saltwater conditions.

Q20 Industrial Strength is 30% stronger than the regular formula for really tough jobs and its formulation serves to provide the ultimate in protection from rust and corrosion on all types of equipment. This formula is perfect for commercial and industrial applications and acts as a water, moisture, salt, and corrosion barrier. 

Q20 SHIELD Extreme Corrosion Inhibiting Barrier is an extreme grease which was developed with Q20 technology to fight rust and corrosion. This serves a great role in protecting and coating steel and most hard plastic surfaces and provides an incredible barrier of protection for many different types of equipment in both personal and commercial applications.

Q20 ICE is formulated to act as a barrier against ice build-up on all types of surfaces and can withstand extremely cold temperatures, even below freezing at -50 Degrees Fahrenheit! This formula is designed to work on several different surfaces and provides superior protection against rust. It also displaces water, snow, and ice unlike any other product on the market today.

Q20 H20 is specially formulated for maximum water-displacing properties and it is one of the most innovative and revolutionary products on the market for this purpose. This formula was created to protect moving parts from extreme water conditions and also works to attack rust and corrosion. 

As the old saying goes, “The Proof is Always in the Pudding.” I agree. Words sometime can’t always do a product justice. This is especially true with a line of products like this. That is one reason why we try to show a product in action when and where possible. One of our favorite product videos is the aptly named “Pink Pistol” video below. Mac and Prowler put Q20 BLU to the test live on camera on a pink .22 caliber pistol that fell into the river and would jam after every shot. Keep in mind that this video is nearly unedited and completely unscripted. There was no real plan to even make this video, it just happened. Some of our best videos happen that way though! Mac & Prowler just turned on the camera and started using the product. After adding Q20 BLU and working the slide back and forth a few times, the gun shot like new again. See the video below as well as my personal video review of these products below it.
Yes, I do get excited easily. But when I product like this comes along, I think it is justified. The family of Q20 products are my new “go-to” lubricants for all kinds of applications and I think you will agree when you try them for yourself. You can order here: QMaxx Products. As always, have fun, be safe, and shoot straight!

Dustin Vaughn Warncke