Hyskore Shooting Products

It is wonderful to live in a day and age where we have so many products to accomplish many goals and missions once unreachable years ago by target shooters and hunters alike. One of our favorite sponsors in the shooting sports realm of the outdoor industry is Hyskore, a pioneer of several lines of precision shooting products for hunters, bench rest shooters, and general firearms enthusiasts of any experience level. Aside from long gun and pistol rests, Hyskore also makes a full line of storage accessories and other products for all things shooting! The innovations this company has made have been a blessing to the shooting community and are of great value to firearms enthusiast of any level or interest. 

Ted Werner is the owner of Hyskore and I first met him at the SHOT Show when I was there with Mac & Prowler. We have talked over the phone several times since then and I really enjoy every time we correspond with each other. Ted is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate people I have met when it comes to designing and manufacturing high quality shooting products and improving the time we all spend out at the gun range and at home with organizing our firearms at home. Ted also films all of his own videos which are available on his website and on a CD-ROM that comes along with many of the products he sells. He makes a point to extensively cover just about every product he sells and give tips and suggestions to get the most value and extended use out of each product. This was a great resource for me as knowledge is power and I have learned many new pointers and tips from all of his videos since I started using Hyskore products.

 I own two Hyskore rifle rests and at least one, if not both, of them travel with me on each trip I make to the range for the simple reason that they make my time there more effective and efficient so I can concentrate more on shooting fundamentals and less on other variables that can greatly effect accuracy. Speaking of this, if you have read my article on accuracy, you have probably figured out that I am a bit particular about how my guns shoot. Sometimes it becomes challenging to figure out an accuracy issue when ones arises and we have all been there if you have owned and/or hunted with a rifle for long. Ted reminds me that, “The biggest variable in accuracy is sometimes the shooter!” and this is invariably true many times indeed. Hyskore rifle rests help a shooter by making shooting easier and more of a “life giving” experience.

Enter the Deluxe Precision Shooting Rest, a rest designed to be shot remotely or with the shooter simply pulling the trigger while standing above the rifle instead of shoulder mounting the gun, as is done in other conventional shooting rests. Many of Hyskore rests are designed like this for the reason that it removes the shooter from the equation to concentrate on maximizing accuracy from the firearm itself. The rest is attached to the end of the table using an extendable arm and the recoil is absorbed by a gas dampening system instead of having to use weight, like most other styles of rests on the market today. You can shoot the gun with a remote trigger pull system, which looks like two giant syringes connected with a tube filled with fluid for an even and steady trigger pull after getting your gun centered on the desired target. You can also pull the trigger with your finger remotely if desired. 

This was new for me but about the time I received it, turkey season was approaching and it was time to pattern my Mossberg 835 pump shotgun with my Winchester Supreme 3 ½ magnum turkey loads. As you might know, shoulder firing a turkey shotgun with magnum loads tends to kick like a borrowed mule. I set up my target, anchored the rest to the table, strapped the shotgun down to the rest, and was ready to shoot. I had previously had patterning issues with other loads I had used in this gun but the rest put everything right on target and I was dually impressed with both the performance of the rest when I pulled the trigger and the performance of my gun. Additionally, I didn’t need to see my chiropractor when done shooting those magnum loads! 

I always recommend shoulder firing your gun before hitting the field for a hunting trip, which can still be done with this rest but just taking of the end piece which holds the butt stock of the firearms or even just turning the rest around and shoulder firing the gun just using the front forearm rest. I recently did several segments for our GUN TALES channel and portion of our show using this rest as well as the next one we will talk about.

The other rest I own is the Black Rifle Shooting Rest which is built for guns like the AR-15 and AK-47 pattern rifles using high capacity magazines and pistol grips. Other rifles fit on this rest as well so it is an all-around good rifle rest. This set up is designed to shoot as a normal shoulder mount rest but is much more comfortable to shoot rifles in black rifle configuration. My SKS is such a rifle, being similar to an AK-47, as it has a TAPCO T6 collapsible stock, pistol grip, and 40-round magazine. This rest accommodates the rifle very well where most other rests don’t even come close, requiring me to use a smaller magazine or make other adjustments to my shooting. One adjustment I had to make using this rest was to shoot from a slightly elevated position; either standing and leaning over the rest or shooting from a stool or elevated chair. This was a fine compromise for the quality and utility of the rest though and I am so happy to own one of these for any kind of rifle shooting. What’s more is that the bottom front legs of the shooting rest can come off and easily be reconfigured so the rest will easily fit in just about any storage space. 

Both of these rests come with a magnetic level and precision elevation adjustments for elevation and windage as do all of the other shooting rests. Even for bench rest shooters, who can spend thousands of dollars on a shooting rests, Hyskore offers great quality and precision rests at a fraction of the cost. It’s all about getting the most value for your money in my book and Hyskore hits it out of the ball park both of these categories.

Another line of products that Hyskore carries is storage and organization solutions for handguns and long guns for home gun storage. Among my favorite among these is the 6-gun Speed Rack which is built for handguns. This unit can be mounted above or below any shelf or just against an interior or exterior wall and utilize space that might otherwise be empty, allowing you to store more guns! There are 6 barrel inserts that fit 40 caliber or larger handguns but they can easily be adjusted to fit guns as small at .32 caliber. The versatility of this rack alone is one reason why I am a huge fan of what Hyskore is up to in the firearms industry. They have thought of things many other manufactures have only dreamed of doing and put them into fantastic product lines. The other modular gun storage racks are compact but sturdy and help with saving space and protecting and securing your valuable firearms wherever you live.

Another product that really peaked my interest at the SHOT show this year is the Ballistics Wizard Shooter’s Computer. This product is the size of a regular calculator but goes above and beyond what you can do with just about any other product on the market today for ballistics calculation. The short version what this computer does is that will calculate solutions accounting for variables like gravity, air resistance, energy, velocity, trajectory, and range and it can store data for multiple calibers. It is a dream-come-true for long-range and bench rest shooters or just about anyone who is into doing any kind of ballistics calculations. Just add your data before you leave the house and it does all the calculations you need in the field or at the range for you with immediate feedback. The technology packed into this product alone is simply incredible. 

Hyskore’s products are available from many major catalog and retailer stores nationwide. Among these are well-known outdoor stores such as Cheaper Than Dirt, Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, Sportsman’s Guide, and more. We are proud to have Hyskore as one of our show sponsors and I encourage you to visit their website on our Partners page or visit them directly at www.hyskore.com for more information on their many products and where you can purchase them online and in stores near you. You owe it to yourself to make the best use of your time spent at the gun range or wherever you shoot and having the most efficient way to store your rifles, shotguns, handguns and more. We believe these products will make you better at everything you do in the outdoors and organizing your guns at home and much. Thanks for reading our articles and, as always, hunt hard and shoot straight!

Dustin Vaughn Warncke